Where I actually climbed stuff again!

I’m back (well, almost)! I had a pretty good session at the Works on Friday. They had set the new yellow circuit and have played about with some of the walls, so older circuits had new(ish) problems on them. Both me and the OH felt tired when we arrived at the Works, so I set up with a cappuccino  and a nut bar. The OH went for an espresso and boost.

I started on the spotties, reds and some greens to warm up before moving onto the purple spotties. After completing a number of these, and also doing a fair amount of gossiping with a friend of mine, I started looking at the yellows. I hadn’t intended to try any of them during this session. I was planning to warm up slowly and then do the purple spotties, or a similar level, before moving onto harder stuff next week. However, I had a look at a couple of them, and thought I may as well give them a try.

The yellows are a good set. I really enjoyed the moves that I tried. I managed to flash two problems and then  worked a couple more without topping them. I started to feel very tired quite quickly – clearly endurance needs to be improved before Font.

While my finger was still feeling a bit sore I still tried some dead hangs on the largest rung of the campus board. It didn’t hurt but I know that it was probably a stupid idea. I tried to do some core work but I totally tanked. It was then time for food, specifically, curry!

Some stats:

  • Warm up problems – reds and spotties
  • Flashed 2 x yellows
  • Worked 3 x yellows
  • Dead hangs on largest campus rung 3x 10s; 2 sets