An awesome session at the Foundry

I may have commented recently that the Foundry set is hard. And it is, but it is also really interesting and enjoyable to work. On Wednesday, I felt that I was finally getting my climbing groove and had a really positive session.

I had decided to change my focus for the session. Unlike last week, where I tried to focus on L2s, with only a small warm-up, I decided to do all of the L1s. This was a good move, as they’re an interesting set, with some pretty fun moves between big (and smaller holds). There were some that were a *bit interesting for a L1 circuit, but that just added to the fun. There were about 30 of the L1s and I did all within an hour. I stopped and chatted for a bit, and had to actually work some of them as well!

I then tried some of the L2s, and while I didn’t top any of them, I felt that I was getting some of the moves dialed and really enjoying simply linking a couple of them in a row. There is one yellow problem that is really fun to keep trying. After falling off going for one of the holds, Diane came up and said that I looked completely different on the wall – I was actually using me feet and body positioning rather than simply thugging it up. I felt really good, and I guess this reflected in my climbing. I did tire pretty quickly though – completing all the L1s may have had something to do with that!

It’s interesting how even when my personal and professional life are a bit rocky and I’m having to take a step back from some of my commitments, I can still put that to one side and just enjoy being. I think the atmosphere at the Foundry, and the fact that I know so many people there really helps. It’s never just a place to train, there are always people to have a natter with and to work problems with, even if they climb miles better than me or are simply starting. Whatever it was on Wednesday, I really felt good.

Photo: Canadiankate

Photo: Canadiankate

Some stats:

  • Completed all the L1s within an hour (probably less, actually)
  • Worked some moves on 3 L2s
  • Completed 3 cycles of 6×6 core exercises
  • Felt good while doing it all.