A different venue and feeling a bit broken

As is the ritual, Friday was climbing night followed by curry. I was still feeling sore after my session at the Foundry the day before and was a bit ambivalent about the whole climbing thing. My tips were still pretty tender and I was feeling some knots growing in my lats and shoulders which made climbing anything strong a bit of a struggle.

Luckily my friend, who has been very busy recently, was down at the wall and happy to pootle about for an hour or so on a variety of different grades. We started off on the easy stuff and then onto the marginally harder things. Mainly, we had a bit of a natter and play.

She had to leave fairly early and I was really feeling my fingers and shoulders by this point. I tried some of the new yellows and didn’t really get anywhere with them. I then decided to do a bit more volume and dropped a couple of grades and tried the purple spotty circuit. The holds were fine, but my body really wasn’t feeling it. Hardly surprising though! So, I stopped doing that quite quickly and had a bit of a rest while others were climbing.

In the end, I decided to do some conditioning and work on my core and antagonist muscles. This way I felt like I was still doing something. By this point most others were winding down and we left for curry quite quickly.

Some stats:

  • Did some greens, reds and spotties as a warm-up
  • Topped a black which had been eluding me for ages. Turns out a toe rather than heel hook was the key
  • Did some more moves on some yellows
  • Did 2 cycles of 6×6 Core exercises
  • Did 4 x 5 pushups