Yup, still a bit sore

After my three days straight Wednesday – Friday, I was so ready for a rest on Saturday. Come Sunday, I was feeling marginally refreshed but definitely still sore. However, I still wanted to climb and so we headed to the Works on Sunday afternoon. It was a lovely sunny day, so I was pleased at how quiet the Works was.

I warmed up slowly, not entirely sure what I was going to achieve as I was still a bit sore. However, I managed to flash one new yellow, and complete another yellow in two goes! I was very pleased. After that, the session tapered off a bit.

I worked a couple of other yellows and figured out how to do some pretty difficult moves on one of them (You can see the starting move on the green leaning column towards the back of the photo. From the yellow volume, you have to reach around to the face of the column, swap feet and then pull hard up the other side.) I could do the first set of moves and then the second set of moves, but couldn’t link them together. I reckon that will come next time. If I don’t knacker myself out beforehand. I managed to do a yellow on the slab – it didn’t really require footwork and then I was so tired!

I had a rest, a coffee (how come I have never discovered the macchiato before?!), and a banana and then tried a couple of more problems. I did the bottom moves on another yellow, but wimped out on the top move. I went for a black instead of the final yellow hold. Saying that, at least I went for something.

I started to tire out after that and eventually decided that the best use of my time would be to do some more core work. As you can seen in the photo, it mainly involves me lying down and chilling out between sets. I was happy with that!

Chilling between sets of core exercises. Photo: CanadianKate

Some stats:

  • Topped 3 new yellow problems
  • Linked moves on 3 new yellow problems, all of which should go next time
  • 3 cycles of 6×6 core exercises