Getting pumped at the Foundry

For a variety of reasons I couldn’t make it to the Climbing Works on Sunday. I decided to have a quick session at the Foundry. After my miserable session on Friday, I went more for endurance and volume rather than all out power and hardness.

I decided to do all the L1 problems features for feet in under 45 minutes. This I achieved although by about the 5th problem in, I was pumped. My forearms were rock hard and the veins coming through the skin. I had to have a short break (5 min) to try and get the pump down as I really didn’t think I’d actually be able to hold on. The rest of the session followed a similar pattern. I’d do about 4/5 problems and then rest for a couple of minutes and then start again.

I did all bar 2 of the L1s and then had a longer break by having a chat with some Foundry regulars. I wanted to try some of the L2s that I’d not yet topped but I was unsure how much I would be able to do. In the end I tried a yellow L2 straight up main part of the Foundry Wave and cruised it until the final move which is an off-balance pop to a big hold. After faffing for a bit, I dropped off. By that point I was a bit tired and decided that home beckoned.

I felt like I had achieved something – mainly by working all the L1s in quick succession and getting really far on a L2 that I’d not looked at previously. I knew that I would wake up the next morning stiff!