September Travels – Erice, Sicily

I visited Erice during my travels around Sicily. It was recommended in the Blue Guide as a historic medieval town and sounded kinda interesting.

The Guide describes it as a ‘medieval walled town perched on top of Mt San Giuliano’ and can be reached by a cable car from Trapani. It is a very small town, with 300 permanent residents, but during the summer the numbers grow with an influx of tourists and inhabitants from Palermo and Trapani, escaping the heat.

Erice was said to have been founded by Aeneas and his suriving Trojans. Erice was destoryed in 260  by Hamilcar Barca. During the medieval period, it was well known for its numerous religious communities. It also has 2 castles (one dates from Saracen times; the other Norman).

The town itself is tiny! And can easily be explored in an afternoon, by foot. I didn’t go into either of the castles, nor any of the churches. However, simply wandering around is lovely – although very touristy.


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