September Travels – Zingaro Nature Reserve

Zingaro Nature Reserve is beautiful. It’s just past Scopello, Sicily and is completely off-limits to cars.

We went there on a ‘cool’ day (27 degrees) and decided to hike around on some of the trails, rather than chill out on the beaches. The OH isn’t a great fan of swimming, especially in the sea and even more so in the Mediterranean sea. So, we parted ways with the rest of the group and set off up the mountains.

We had a small map which was given to us when we entered nature reserve and enough water to last a good hike. In general, the map is detailed enough to get an approximate idea of where we were in relation to the sea, other paths and fairly obvious landmarks. We had planned to hike across the whole reserve, from the Scopello entrance to the San Vito Lo Capo entrance and back again. However, we clearly didn’t take a correct turn, so our hike was curtailed somewhat. Saying that, I was really glad we only hiked about 7km up and down rather than the 15km we had planned. The trails are not particularly flat and we had not taken any food whatsoever as we were still very full from breakfast when we left in the morning and had decided to eat at the restaurant that evening.

The views and scenery are simply stunning and it was pretty hard to keep an eye on the ground while also trying to look around. There were numerous lizards, birds and small insects that were sunning themselves on the path when we were walking as well. Once we got away from the main entrances, it was pretty deserted, and we only saw a small handful of people walking. Clearly, the more attractive option is to walk to one of the many different beaches on the lower path.

Once we finished our hike, we drove to Scopello and treated ourselves to a cappuccino and granita at a small, but very delicious bar in the village. I was desperate for a shower by this point, so we drove back to the Agriturismo for a well earned shower and dinner.