Starting small

Monday was a running day. It was not the best weather in the world, and I was feeling physically tired from a weeks climbing in Font. However, I knew that if I didn’t start working on my cardio at some point, I wouldn’t ever get back into it. With that in mind, I decided to start small.

For those of you who are not from the UK, there was a very big storm that hit land late Sunday night and for most of Monday. Now, the UK apparently = London and the southeast because the amount of fuss over it was immense. Yes, it did cause massive havoc and destruction in the South-east of the country, but for the amount of news coverage, it seemed that it should at least have hit most of the UK rather than parts of it. Anyway, I digress.

I went for a short run after deciding that the storm to end all storms was not going to hit the north of England, and it was beautiful. The rain (heavy, but pretty normal for Yorkshire) had finished and the air was fresh. It was very cool and with each breath I could feel the cold catching in my lungs. And it hurt. Oh my god it hurt. I haven’t been running for so long, that I have forgotten how to do it. I tried to focus on form and keeping light on my feet rather than distance. Because I’ve suffered a lot with poorly knees, I wanted to make sure that my form was good rather than speed. This is difficult for me, because I equate speed with being ‘good’ and ‘fit’ even though I should simply take my time and enjoy the running itself.

In the end, I did 5.4km (3 miles) in 32:29 minutes. I stopped twice to faff with my iPod, and to sort my shoes out. I felt pretty damn good when I finished and maintained a fairly good pace (6:00km/h). I felt like I could have continued for longer than I did. To make it even better, I ran through a graveyard and saw the rain clouds rolling in with the sun setting behind them. I don’t have the greatest phone camera in the world, but here’s a shot that gives a rather atmospheric impression.

The rain didn't get me, but it was a close thing! Photo: CanadianKate

The rain didn’t get me, but it was a close thing! Photo: CanadianKate

Some stats:

  • 5.4 km distance
  • 32:29 moving time
  • 6:00/km pace
  • 69m Elevation