November Challenge Day 2

Breakfast: Yoghurt with mixed seeds and sultanasa; Coffee

Mid morning coffee

Lunch: Leftovers of salad, roast butternut squash, carrots & parsnips with blue cheese sauce

Mid-afternoon pick me up:
Starbucks Grande Cappuccino

Dinner ( the Saturday night indulge fest)

Italian green olives Drink: 2 glasses Gewutrztraminer; pint of home brew, 3 small glasses of beer

Starter: Dressed crab with lemon and garlic butter. 3 pan fried tiger prawns. Source: M Stevens & Son

Dinner: Curried Monkfish with apple & date; Tempura butternut squash; edamame beans
Pudding: 1/5 slice of apple tart with double creamI woke up pretty broken after climbing at the Climbing Works. I was also ravenous! I decided to have my usual breakfast as it fills me up and keeps me going. When preparing breakfast, I was so tempted to have some chocolate. We have loads of Halloween goodies left over, and also lots of Lindt 70% chocolate in the Pantry. However, I restrained myself. I had a mid-morning coffee, mainly because the option was there and I fancied a bit of a pick me up. Lunch was a case of clearing out the fridge as I knew that we’re having a very indulgent feast for dinner (a Saturday tradition). I started to crash about 3pm. My salad was not filling enough, so I had a coffee while the OH had his hair cut.

And indulgent it was. I definitely can reduce the amount that I drink on a Saturday night. I think that would improve my climbing the next day and get rid of a lot of empty calories. I also know that my self control slips with drink, so while I’ve been better at listening to my body and eating when I’m hungry and actually need to eat, I did a lot of grazing and snacking throughout the night. Especially when I was cleaning up.