Returning to the black circuit at the Climbing Works

The Friday climbing session was at the Works this week. The OH and other members of the usual gang hadn’t tried any of the new black circuit and I decided to start at the beginning and see how many I could repeat. Normally, I don’t like returning to black problems after I top them because I always seem to drop them and have to work harder to repeat them. This feels (to me) like I’m letting my ego and pride get in the way of improvement and repeating/revisiting problems is part of training indoors.

I still couldn’t do the first black problem. It starts on a vertical wall, uses the arete to get standing, and then its a case of using a sloper to transfer the feet across and push up/jump to catch a jug. I couldn’t get the timing right to push off with my leg and arm and also reach out for the top jug. I touched the side of it a couple of times. Diane suggested that instead of going straight for the jug, I should reach out to the other arete and then up to the jug. If I do the black circuit again, I’ll try that.

I repeated the next couple of blacks (big moves on a roof, with big holds) and missed out one that I really should try to repeat as it’s scary! I managed to top one of the problems that I didn’t top on Thursday. I didn’t change my beta, but I simply remembered to crimp with my left hand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t repeat the next problem which I managed to top after 2 goes previously. Grr!

I think I climbed really well for most of the session. I topped most of the remaining blacks that we didn’t try yesterday, and did some that were quite strong.

Some stats:

  • warmed up on comp wall and couple of greens/reds
  • started at beginning of Black circuit and repeated most of the problems that I tried on Thursday
  • topped about 1/2 the remainder, if not more