Challenge November Day 5



Breakfast: yoghurt; sultanas; mixed seeds

I woke up surprisingly hungry. I didn’t have any plans to do any exercise today, so didn’t add anything to my breakfast.

I ate slowly, but could have been more mindful of what I ate. By the time that I finished I was full, but felt that I could have had something extra. I didn’t.

It’s really cold in the house today. I wonder if that will have an impact on my hunger?


Lunch: Roast sweet potato and butternut squash; steamed broccoli and carrots; 4 slices prosciutto; left over coriander chicken curry (13:30)


2 barleycups (17:30; 17:45)

Banana (17:46)

I think I was eating mainly out of boredom. My stomach started to make some noises about 5pm and I had a barleycup to fill it up. I thought that my lunch was big enough to keep me going!

I had a 2nd barleycup because I was cold and the banana because I was a bit bored. I figured that it would be a better alternative to toast/cake!


Part 1: 2 slices prosciutto; 1/2 avocado; 4 green olives (20:30)

Part 2: 1 venison burger; edamame beans; roast sweet potato and carrots (20:50)

I was hungry by the time dinner came around! I knew that I couldn’t wait until the main meal cooked, so I decided to have a small ‘starter’

The avocado needed to be eaten because it was going very squishy. I figured if I took small bits of meat/olives on a plate and into the other room, I wouldn’t graze. I think it worked.