Three visits to the Climbing Works in four days makes…

…me a very tired climber!

We got to the Climbing Works at a reasonable time and I warmed up slowly. The OH and others wanted to try the new White circuit and I knew that it would be a case of me working individual moves rather than actually climbing or achieving anything. However, considering how I was feeling (combination of muscle fatigue and hungover) I was pretty happy to just pull and hope for the best.

I think we managed about 5 of the whites. I was pretty pleased with my progress on White #1 which started with a pinch and high foot. Then, change feet, pop out to another (big) hold with my left hand. Faff with feet, get a heel hook on the pinch and match hand hold. Then, get higher feet and reach up above head to a very small crimp. This, I had to match, and I knew that it was a very committing move and one that would likley end with me on the ground. I went for it anyway (yay me) and ended up on the ground on my back, and gave myself slight whiplash. Boo.

After that, I was even less pysched to climb. I was pleased that I actually committed to an unlikely move – and one that I held for about 2 seconds – but I was sore! White #2 I couldn’t get past the 2nd move; White #3 I couldn’t get off the floor; and White #4 I needed very close spotting because I could easily hit the floor again. In some ways, I’m pleased that I tried some of the moves, and maybe I’ll start trying them again. But I didn’t feel like I was really enjoying the movements – everything was done in isolation and this meant that I couldn’t enjoy moving.

In the end I decided to stretch out and try to work the kinks out of my body. I did about  4 sequences of Suryanamaskara A and then worked my legs and back in some yoga positions. I also realised how much I miss yoga! I used to go every Monday to an Ashtanga yoga class in Heeley, and while it made my sleep a bit weird, it also meant that I was not only building but stretching my muscles as well. I don’t know if it is just me, but practicing yoga just before bed (or in the evening) makes it really hard for me to fall asleep! I found it invigorating rather than relaxing. Anyway, I wish that the Works did another yoga session not on  Tuesday as I can’t make that one. I felt so much better after a couple of moves and my back felt like it had released as well.

I’m glad that I remembered Tom’s suggestion of gauging where I was in terms of fatigue. Even if I didn’t actually climb, I think I got something out of the session. I may have looked odd stretching rather than climbing, but if it makes me feel better and feel like I’m adding to my different training strategies, then I’m going to do it.

Chilling in front of Competition Wall at the Climbing Works. Photo: CanadianKate

Chilling in front of Competition Wall at the Climbing Works. Photo: CanadianKate