Challenge November Day 6


Breakfast: Coffee (08:45)

I did not want to get out of bed today. I feel really tired, my shoulder and back are really sore, and it’s getting darker in the mornings.

I didn’t feel hungry either. I decided to just have my morning cup of coffee – there is no way that I could live without it.

I love the smell, and taste (although I think I made this pot a bit too strong!)

Breakfast proper: porridge with sultanas (10:30)


I got really hungry by about 10:30. I wanted to last until lunch, but thought that would be stupid. My body was saying put some food in it.

I knew that I would eat more if I did hold off until lunch, so to prevent that from happening, I had I medium sized bowl of porridge with sultanas.

I didn’t fancy my usual breakfast of yoghurt and seeds. As I’m climbing tonight, I thought the extra energy from the porridge could be useful. It’s also really, really cold today and I wanted something warm!

Drink: Barleycup (12:15; 15:00)


Lunch: venison burger; salad; oat biscuits with peanut butter (15:00)

Lindt 85% dark chocolate (15:30)

Pre-climb snack

Large handful nuts; mainly peanuts with raisins


Dinner: Wetherspoons ham, egg & chips; 1 pint beerI was so full after this meal! I think because I have not had any white potatoes for such a long time that they really filled me up!

I also had really bad indigestion by the end as well. Not sure that I’ll have chips again, or if I do, I’ll hive off half of them to someone else before I start eating.

Post-dinner snack:

Spoonful of peanut butter (21:40)

1/3 pint of homebrew (21:45)

Lindt 85% dark chocolate (22:00)

So, considering that I felt peaky by the time I finished my meal, I feel kinda bad that I went home and stuffed my face with peanut butter, chocolate and a small pint of beer. Granted it was 1/2 a 275ml bottle, but I still didn’t really¬†need it.

Not very pleased with my eating habits today, but I do think that working or sitting around in a cold house for long periods of time makes me more hungry – I think I should integrate cooked/warm food into my lunches and see if that helps.