It’s a bit brisk out there!

Monday was an exciting day for me. I was finally ‘discharged’ from the physio as my niggles in my back/knees/shoulder seemed to have finally sorted themselves out. Yay!

So, as a ‘treat’ to myself, I decided to go for a short run. I’m still trying to get used to running in a very neutral shoe. I bought the New Balance Minimus Zero as a good travelling/dossing around shoe for the summer with the intention to start using it for short runs come winter. However, because I have never really worn a minimal shoe, have a history of poorly knees and a tendency to break myself, I’ve started to ease myself back into running. This means two things:

  1. Running shorter distances, but more often
  2. Not feeling bad about it

I have a tendency to think that bigger distances, or longer runs are the only way to be fit. However, with my current lifestyle and the fact that climbing still remains my primary interest, there is no way that I can integrate the proper training and time commitment that would enable me to do that. Also, I really hurt after trying to run longer than my running muscles can endure. I need to start smaller in order to run for longer. And, I shouldn’t feel bad about that.

My physio had suggested that I should try to work on my running technique. She took a video of me running, and I don’t use my arms at all. There is no rotation in my spine and this makes running more effort-some because I’m not getting any power through the cross-rotation. So, I decided to try and work on this in my run, as well as practice the physio exercises at home.

I ran 5.6 km (3.47 miles) and I felt like my pace was much higher, although I started getting a stitch in my side. It was also very cold out and it took me a while to warm up. My muscles took even longer and it wasn’t until the end of the run that I really felt warm. However, by about 5 km, my knee was starting to hurt – more in a muscular way than anything, and my calf was starting to cramp. I figured this was a good indication to keep to my game plan and return home with 5.5 km under my belt.

Some stats:

  • Distance – 5.7 km (3.47 miles)
  • Time – 33:17
  • Pace – 5:56/km
  • 3rd fastest – 5 km effort
  • 3rd fastest – 2 mile effort
  • 3rd fastest time – 1 mile effort