Challenge November Day 7


Breakfast: Yoghurt, mixed seeds and sultanas; Coffee (09:00)

Lindt 85% dark chocolate (13:30)


Coffee (14:00)

Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs; local back bacon (14:00)

Lunch: butternut squash (14:00)

Oat cake with peanut butter (14:00)

Spoonful peanut butter

Pre-yoga snack :



I wanted to have something small, but filling because I knew that Ashtanga yoga is not particularly easy – which is why I like it!

Post-yoga dinner:

Dinner: Greek gyros pork with salad, tzatziki, oregano, onions, and a pitta bread (22:00)

wpid-IMG_20131106_033138.jpgI didn’t feel hungry until half way home. My hunger then hit me hard, and as there was nothing in the house, and it would be far too late to cook something, I went for a kebab.

The Greedy Greek in Sheffield does a really good one and it’s quick to order. I enjoyed every last mouthful while watching the latest (on TV at least) Big Bang Theory.