Challenge November Day 8


Breakfast: Yoghurt with mixed seeds and sultanas; Coffee

Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate

Not sure why I had the chocolate. I think I wanted something with a bit of zing. I didn’t feel that hungry, but then I went for the chocolate so that told me that I probably was a bit.

Had my usual breakfast and drank the coffee very slowly. Felt full afterwards.


A spoonful of coconut oil (16:45)
Porridge with sultanas and cream (17:00)

Lunch was very late. I got distracted by doing yoga and clearing out the cupboards in the kitchen.

I was starving by the time that I realised I missed lunch, and there was very little in the house to eat.

Pre-climb snack:

3 minstrals

I didn’t really need these, but I don’t think I had eaten enough


Dhal Ghust with 1/2 portion of plain rice and 1/2 chapati (20:45)

1 pint carlsburg

Dinner was so, so good. I ate everything and still felt a bit hungry at the end.