Where’s my flexibility gone?

Okay, I know where my flexibility has gone. I lost it in the 3 years since I last practiced yoga.

I was not feeling particularly psyched to do anything yesterday. I had the sniffles and still feeling the lead session the night before. I decided to take Tom’s advice and work on my flexibility and core through yoga.

The Climbing Works offers a yoga class on Tuesdays, but due to other commitments, I can’t make it. I searched around and found Matt Tregellas’ class on Thursdays at the Light Room in Hagglers Corner. I turned up, slightly apprehensive and wondered how I would get on in the class.

It was really enjoyable – in a slightly burner, tiring and working kind of way. I was amazed at how much of the series I remembered from Zaff’s class back in 2009 and how much my back released in some of the postures. Surprisingly my physio really helped as well – I could actually engage my butt and hips to hold me in certain positions – although some did put a strain on my knee joint and lower back.

I did realise that my chest and shoulders are very inflexible now and I need to work on that. Also, downward dog really does funny things to my right shoulder, what’s with that?!

I did a bit of googling and came across Kino MacGregor, a yoga teacher from Miami. I would love to get as strong and flexible as her, but I think that is a pipe dream. I’ll leave you with a couple of videos of her being awesome: