Challenge November Day 9


Bowl of porridge with sultanas

2 rashers back bacon

Coffee with milk

I needed to have a fairly substantial breakfast. I was going out on a motor bike lesson, and it was going to be cold.

By having protein and carbohydrate in the form of porridge, I figured it would make the energy more slow release.

Bacon buttie & hot chocolate (11:45)

There really isn’t much option at a motorcycle shop.

I didn’t know if I was going to have an option for food anywhere else, so I decided to get a sandwich.

Pre-dinner snack:
Carrot with hummous (17:00)

just under 1/2 pint of Wild Swan (17:30)
1/2 pint Roaring Meg (17:46)

I was so hungry when I got back from my lesson. I had a carrot, and some olives to tide me over.


The remains of ribs.

1/2 pint tripel karmeliet

Main Course:

Coq au vin with roast parsnips

1.5 glasses of Malbec

We also had a cheese course, with Brie de Meaux, Stilton, and a goats cheese. I ate quite a bit of that with crackers.

Compared to last week, I don’t think I drank near as much, or ate near as much.