Challenge November Day 10


Breakfast: Yoghurt, mixed seeds and sultanas; Coffee (10:00))



Mid climbing snack

Half a fruity flapjack (14:00)
A coffee1/2 a flapjack and coffee. My belly was grumbling and I was starting to flag when doing routes. After 1/2 a flapjack, I was stuffed. Gave the other half to a friend. 

Pre-dinner drink
1 pint Blue MoonI drank this with a couple of handfuls of peanuts. They were stale, and not that yummy but I was so hungry.

Beef with spring onions and thai chilli; coconut rice (18:30)

2nd portion of dinner

Medium glass chardonnay

Medium glass chardonnay I was so hungry that it was difficult to eat slowly to savour my food. I did wait a while between bowls, and I probably didn’t need the second one. However, I knew that the rice wouldn’t keep over night so I didn’t want to waste it. The Thai food was from Patoo Thai Restaurant in Sheffield and was very good. It was probably one of the best Thai meals that I’ve had this far north. I had the Neau Pad Kraprao (beef with Thai chilli, Thai holy basil, onion, beans and peppers. Definitely recommend it!

Post-dinner grazing

Wedge of blue cheese (22:00)
Lindt dark chocolate with a hint of salt (21:00)

Lindt 90% dark chocolate These were pure gluttony. I wanted something sweet to finish off the meal and had the salty dark chocolate. I’m really not sure about that taste combination. I then decided to cleanse my palate with the 90% chocolate (much better). The OH started on some cheese, so I decided to join in. As I said, pure gluttony.