Challenge November Day 11

Breakfast: the usual

Lindt 90% dark chocolate


I was quite hungry, but had the usual. Not sure why I ate the chocolate. I think I really like the zing that 90% stuff gives me.



Lunch: Ribs with Kale (14:00)

Wheat cracker with butter

This was a rather belated lunch. I noticed my stomach growling and decided to eat. I had the cracker with butter while waiting for my kale to steam.


Dinner: Coq au Vin with roast potatoes and parsnips (19:00)

Dessert: Blacksticks Blue; Brie de Meaux; Montgomery Cheddar (20:00)


Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt

3 handfuls of sultanas

wpid-IMG_20131111_090607.jpgI had left-overs, and really didn’t need to graze after the main course. I tried to space it out to decide if I was hungry or not, and that didn’t help. I had probably about 3 handfuls of sultanas. I didn’t feel too full afterwards, so I wonder if actually I was still a bit hungry.