A light session at the Climbing Works

After yoga on Thursday, I was feeling pretty stiff on Friday. I did some errands and planned to get out for a light jog. That didn’t happen, so I decided to loosen up with a quick session of Ashtanga yoga. That didn’t happen either.

I found a really good guided practice on youtube, and worked through the sun salutations and the standing sequence. Of course, I couldn’t complete all of them because I’m not that good yet, and I wasn’t willing to try some of the positions without a teacher present. However, I could do enough to feel like I had worked, and work out some of the stiffness in my calves and hamstrings. I then moved to the sitting positions, and realised that I had been practising yoga for about 1 1/2 hours. I decided to stop and have some lunch.

Photo: CanadianKate

By the time I finished my lunch it was about 17:05 in the evening and I needed to pick up the OH at 17:30. I rushed around picking up my climbing gear, feeling tired and wound up at the Climbing Works for the usual Friday session. I realised pretty quickly that the session was not going to be one of ticks, it would be one to try and grind through and salvage something out of it.

I managed to complete the new red circuit and that was it. I was bloody tired, felt a bit shaky and really not that great. In the end I packed up and sat under the new heater thingy (which is really efficient) and read my book. I had done enough to warm through my muscles again, and shake out some of the knots, but didn’t have anything in the tank for more than that. I’m not sure anyone else was that psyched either. They’d finished by about 19:45 and were happy to go for curry!


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