Challenge November Day 12


Breakfast: rolled oats; sultanas; mixed seeds; yoghurt (08:15)

Breakfast: 2 slices bacon


I wasn’t super hungry and left some of my breakfast over. I wanted to eat as much as I could because I was going out on a motorbike lesson. I knew that the only option of food would be something from a cafe, so I tried to preempt that by filling up with relatively healthy things, and bringing a lunch to eat later.


Snack: handful of Minstrels (15:00)

A post motorbike lesson treat. 3 minstrals

Late lunch:


Lunch: 1/2 tupperware of coq au vin

Warm squash

A Nakd bar

I had about 1/2 of the left over coq au vin. It was good, but for some reason, I really wasn’t that hungry. Maybe I had gone too long without eating. While on my motorbike lesson I had 2 coffees at Rainbow Motorcycles, but that was it. The squash helped me keep warm because I was freezing and I planned to climb later.

Late Dinner:

Cheese & Biscuits

Lindt 90% chocolate

A Thornbridge Beer

Dinner was very late. I had to pick the OH up from Chesterfield at 21:30 and we didn’t get home until after 10pm. Neither of us wanted to cook, and I wasn’t *that hungry. We decided to have cheese & biscuits, and when I came down from my shower, the OH had already poured me a beer. It seemed churlish not to drink it.