Challenge November Day 14

…It’s been two weeks into the venture and looking over my meals I’ve noticed the following:

  • I’m not that hungry in the mornings. Usually my coffee, and yoghurt/seeds/sultanas set me up for the morning
  • I’m inconsistent about lunch. Often I have it very late, and when I’m already really hungry but I’ve stopped snacking so much between my meals.
  • The evening is when I graze. I think this is a mix between boredom and also not having as ‘big’ a meal as I perhaps should. Maybe I don’t realise how much my body needs fuel.
  • If I wanted to cut out anything that was ’empty’ food, it would be the beer and wine during the week.
  • Since eating slower, I am getting more satisfaction and satiety in my food. This is especially the case for breakfast and lunch.

Looking back at Rebecca’s advice, I think I need to focus on the context in which I’m eating for the next couple of weeks. I’m recording what I eat quite well, and how much, but not the triggers, and my energy levels.

Breakfast (08:20):

Breakfast Coffee (08:17)

Mixed seeds & sultanas with a little bit of yoghurt (08:17)

2 wholewheat pancakes (08:29)

 I was quite hungry when I woke up. I also felt really, really tired. It was a struggle to get out of bed again. I didn’t have quite enough yoghurt to make my normal breakfast, and I had dreamt of pancakes during the night, so I decided to make a batch of wholewheat pancake batter.

I had 2 pancakes, and a small helping of my usual breakfast. By the time that I finished that, I was really, really full. In fact, I think I would have been fine with 1 pancake rather than 2.

I learnt that peanut butter does not go well with pancakes. It’s a shame because I love peanut butter, but there’s something about the taste combined with wholewheat pancakes that is just icky.

I tried to enjoy my food, I was eating slowly, drinking my coffee slowly and reading my book (Vet on Call) while eating.

Snack (09:00):

2nd cup of coffee (08:29)

I needed another pick-me-up. I probably could have drank some water instead, but I really love coffee!

Lunch (14:15):

Barleycup (14:18)

Lunch: 3 rashers bacon with 1 yellow pepper and 2 carrots (14:25)

Lunch was fairly late, and I wasn’t actually that hungry. I decided to have bacon (protein) and some veggies rather than anything heavier as I really needed a break more than anything else.

I continued to read my book while eating, but I took care to eat slowly and enjoy the different textures and tastes in my meal. The bacon was smoked, and a bit on the sweet side – I think it contained  sugar, but it did taste so good!

 In this instance, my trigger was the need of a break and the slight rumblings of my stomach. Preparing lunch was a way to get away from the computer.

Shortbread at the OH's work (16:38)

Nibbles at the OH's work (16:46)

Nibbles at the OH's work (16:46)

A mandarin (17:00)

I got some bad news yesterday and I immediately wanted sweet things and treats to feel better. I was popping into the OH’s work before meeting up with friends in the evening and I brought cookies in for his team. I helped myself to them instead. I thought I did fairly well – in that I only had one of each, but all of them weren’t needed.


I didn’t remember to take any photos of my dinner but I remember what I had:

  • A chicken Cesar salad
  • 2 large glasses of white wine
  • A couple of bites of chocolate brownie
  • 2 pcs of Lindt dark chocolate when I got home

This wasn’t the best day in terms of food. And I feel slightly guilty of what I ate, and the reasons behind it. I don’t think I get on with wheat that well, and the pancakes sit pretty badly in my stomach.