Sunday leading session at the Foundry

I had such a good session route climbing with Diane on Wednesday, and I didn’t want to become a one-off session. On Sunday, I managed to drag the OH and a friend down to the Foundry instead of the Climbing Works for a leading session. I didn’t feel as confident and happy as I did on Wednesday – possibly because I knew what I was getting myself into a bit more – but I was still determined to give it a go.

I aimed to climb 10 routes, and try to lead most of them. I started off on a 5+, the OH on a 6a (complaining all the way) and my friend led a 6b (and made it look easy). Throughout the day, the OH looked miserable and generally made at least two complaints per clip. He had to shake out loads. Me, not so much – so maybe even the one session on Wednesday has done me good. My friend and the OH sacked it off after about 4 routes each, and went back to bouldering. Luckily another friend had turned up so I climbed with him.

I ended up leading:

  • 2 5s (one the same and one that Diane hated (I can see why – not positive, not a warm up and not newbie friendly)
  • 4 6as (the same yellow, pink & green as Wednesday; and one new climb which was terrible. The OH complained the whole way up, and I did the same. It’s not a 6a. I’d say it’s at least a 6a+)
  • 1 6a+ (the same as Wednesday)
  • 1 6a+/b (same as Wednesday – probably my favourite route currently)
  • 1/2 led 1 6b (got past one more clip, and then really tired. There’s a big move)

I top-roped:

  • 1 6b+/c (I had tried it on Wednesday, and wanted to try the whole thing. I should get it, but the top is a bit scary)
  • 1 6c (Diane really liked the moves. Me, not so much)

In total, I did 11 climbs. I’m pretty pleased with my session, but I didn’t have the feeling of accomplishment as I did on Wednesday. This is probably because it wasn’t new anymore, and now I have to focus on improving. I am really  happy at 6a/b but anything harder makes me get all fluttery. I can’t decide if its partly because I’m getting pumped and tired, or if it is because I’m really scared. I think it is probably a mix of the two and I’m going to work on my endurance for a while to get rid of the pump and then focus on my head.