Challenge November Day 15

Breakfast (08:30)

2013-11-15 08.38.04

Coffee (08:36)

I wasn’t that hungry when I woke up. I didn’t have any yoghurt and I had some pancake batter left over from yesterday, so I decided to make pancakes. It was either that or toast. I was full after I finished the pancakes (covered with honey).

The coffee quenched my thirst, but I think I need to start drinking more water. The only thing is, I don’t really like cold water – and the cats try to drink it if I have a pint glass.

I was consciously chewing my food – I wanted to enjoy the taste of pancakes, because I don’t think I’ll be having them for a while. However, I was reading my book (Vet on Call, Marc Abrahams) at the same time. Maybe this took some attention away from my food.

Snack (09:00):

Lindt Dark Chocolate (09:00)

I definitely wasn’t that hungry when I had this piece of chocolate. I wanted the taste and tang that very dark chocolate has. It has a lovely, creamy texture in my mouth and because it is 90% dark chocolate it is not that sweet. It’s the bitterness that I like.

I find that I have to chew this chocolate more, it lasts much longer than lighter varieties.

I was eating it while doing other things, mainly cleaning up the kitchen and preparing to do things on the computer.

Snack (11:45)

Barleycup with milk

I was starting to get a bit hungry, but the cleaners arrived and I didn’t have the chance to make anything in the kitchen.

I had just finished a bottle of water, but I was still thirsty so I figured that a warm drink would kill two birds with one stone.

Lunch  (14:15)

Raw, chopped carrots, broccoli and cauliflower; 2.5 slices roast pork; some crackling

Barleycup with milk

I was *quite hungry by the time I got around to lunch. I had to wait until the cleaners came and went, and then I didn’t want to dirty the freshly cleaned kitchen! I decided to take a break and wandered down to the local shops to pick up lunch. My mouth was watering by the time everything was on the plate! The food tasted so, so good – especially the crackling. I was full before I finished all the roast pork, so may have that as a snack before climbing with oatcakes.

I wanted something warm as well, so decided on another Barleycup. I am climbing later, and plan to have a coffee before I head out. 

I ate at the computer desk and read some really interesting articles on the Guardian.

Snack (16:40):

Roast pork, oat biscuits and dark chocolate

I wasn’t that hungry, but after my rubbish session on Wednesday, I wanted to make sure that I had energy to climb. I also drank some water with this meal and really, really enjoyed the butter and oatcake combination. I love butter and as I’ve given up wheat and carbohydrates that generally carry butter, I don’t get to eat it plain that often.

I ate while checking emails and Facebook.

Snack (18:00):

Cappuccino from the climbing works

I planned to have  a coffee when I got to the Works. I needed a pick-me-up and this seemed like the best way to get one. I love cappuccinos. There is something about the taste of warm, frothy milk with bitter coffee thrown in that is so nice.

I drank it while catching up with an acquaintance who was having a rest between problems.

Dinner  (21:20-22:00):

1 pint carlsburg

1/2 pint Carlsburg

Dinner: Dhal Gust with 1/2 portion plain rice

Torn portion of Naan

Thank you chocolate

I was pretty starving by the time we went for curry. I did the usual thing of checking what I did climbing and whether I could have rice as a replenishment. I think I had worked enough for some, and my friend shared a rice dish with me. I was super, super thirsty – even though I had downed a whole sports bottle of water just before driving up. The first pint of beer went down too quickly, and I ordered a 1/2 pint for consumption during my curry.

The food was, as per, awesome. I haven’t had Dhal Gust recently, and I really enjoy the different textures between the lentils, lamp (or likely, mutton) and the sauce. The rice helped plump it out a little. I ate quite slowly because I was in a group and was chatting with them while eating. Although, I’m not really sure that I needed the naan bread!