A weak session at the Foundry Climbing Centre

On Wednesday, as per the norm, I went to the Foundry for a climbing session. I forgot my climbing harness, and I didn’t think anyone wanted to route anyway.

I was feeling really crap and tired. I can’t decide if I’m fighting something off, or if I’ve plateaued after an awesome couple of months pre and post Font. Anyway, my heart nor head really wasn’t in climbing on Wednesday and it showed in my climbing ability. I decided to start of slow and warmed up on the L1s. That was fine. I topped them but it felt like effort. 

My friends convinced to me to try a problem that they had made up and I could do some of the moves, but my heart wasn’t in it, and I wandered off. I decided to try some of the problems going up the Wave, because they were going to be taken down on the weekend in preparation for the Foundry Indoor Bouldering League comp on Monday. I was crap. Weak, tired, poor technique, no pull and no real psyche. After a while, I just stopped. My eyes were feeling heavy and I so wasn’t in the mood. I decided to read my book instead and wait for people to go to Wetherspoons.

Looking back, it’s not surprising that I’ve started to plateau. I have probably been building muscle and training much harder than I am used to for a long time. Even though I’m routing at a lower grade, I’m doing more in a session than I would do if I bouldered so I will probably need more recovery time between sessions – at least to begin with. I guess I should be glad that I have plateaued, and that I seem to enjoy lead climbing much more than bouldering at the moment. I know that this feeling will pass, and soon I will be super psyched and super keen once more.

Some stats:

  • Warmed up on 4 L1s
  • Worked 3 L2s
  • Worked a couple of made up problems
  • Felt weak
  • Felt tired
  • Was definitely grumpy