November Challenge Day 17

Breakfast (08:15):

Breakfast: yoghurt; sultanas; mixed seeds


I had my usual breakfast. I wasn’t sure if I was that hungry, but in the process of tidying up the kitchen, hunger pangs started to appear. I was also going for a long walk with some friends, so needed to eat something. The coffee was delicious, and well needed.

Snack (11:30):

Snack: Large Neros coffee

This picture is representative of a coffee that I had in the Chatsworth Christmas Fair. It was delicious and really needed – I was starting to flag a bit and the walk was only half way through. We drank them while wandering around exploring the little shops and bumping into people that we knew.

Lunch (15:00):

A huge Ploughmans

1 pint EPA

1/2 pint EPA

I was starving by the time lunch came. We completed our walk and had settled into the pub. It was fairly busy so the food took longer than expected to come. I downed my pint quite quickly – probably because I was so hungry.

The ploughmans was massive! I ate the salad, coleslaw, quite a lot of the cheese and a little bit of the white bread, with butter and was full. I *may have stolen a bit of the OH’s meat pie, and a roastie. Both were very good.

Dinner (20:00):

2013-11-17 17.55.26

2013-11-17 20.06.39

2013-11-17 17.55.26

We had bought some black pudding from Simmonite and had a small amount for dinner with a poached egg. I had raw carrots and cauliflower as well. I had two small glasses of red wine, as well as a lot of water to drink. I was really thirsty. Once again, I was reading  In the Land of Invisible Women (Qanta Ahmed) while eating. The OH was watching TV.

I’m not feeling great about my diet at the moment. I feel quite bloated and a bit hefty. I think I need to knock out the wheat and cut down on the alcohol for a while. I don’t think they are really helping me.