Challenge November Day 19

Breakfast (09:10) :

2013-11-19 09.09.52

2013-11-19 14.21.21

I had lots of food this morning. I wanted to go for a run because it was so beautiful and sunny out. I ate while finishing In the Land of Invisible Women (Qanta Ahmed) and enjoyed every bite.

Post run/pre-lunch snack (14:20):

2013-11-19 14.21.33

2013-11-19 14.21.42

 I knew that I was hungry about 3/4 of the way into my run. After getting home and having a shower (I was very muddy) I needed to refuel. Unfortunately I needed to wait for my food to actually cook and in that space, I managed to consume 2 large scoops of peanut butter (mmm), and 2 handfuls of sultanas. Basically fat, and sugar. This I did while standing, watching my real lunch cook.

Lunch (14:25):

2013-11-19 14.24.32

I love black pudding. Its so delicious – melting in the middle with a crispy outer. Paired with a fried egg, it makes the world a better place. I had it with kale, cauliflower and roast parsnips. I was reading, Dragon Actually (GA Aiken- a true potboiler.)

Snack (16:45)


Dinner (20:30):

2013-11-19 21.12.40

2013-11-19 20.35.42

2013-11-19 23.17.09

2013-11-19 21.44.34

Dinner was so, so good. I had a burger, black pudding and cheese slice with roasted butternut squash. The side salad and beer were more my started while the burger cooked. I enjoyed every single bite of the meal. We still had a bit of chocolate cake left over from the weekend, so I helped the OH finish is. I couldn’t eat all the pastry as it was a bit too much, I scraped out the chocolatey goodness and savoured that with a cup of barleycup.