Running on the back of Stanage

Tuesday was a beautiful winters day. I was desperate to go out and enjoy it as these days are rare in Sheffield. I was in two minds where to go for a run – either in Burbage valley, or towards Stanage. I was still in autopilot so I drove to Redmires Resevoir and parked up.

After a bit of faffing to get my fell shoes on, headphones in, and gloves on, I set off up the back of Stanage.

The terrain is a mix of peat, heather and rock, so I took it slowly as I haven’t been fell running for a long time and I am still recovering from a back/knee injury that put me out for a long time. I just wanted to be outside and in the bright sunshine. There was no wind to speak of and a thick frost on the ground where the sun hadn’t touched. At times the ground was frozen, but it was still a thin frost and with each footfall, I risked sinking my foot into peat bog. After a couple of dunkings, I gave up being delicate, and just ran through the mud, enjoying the cold shock. I was only going to run for 6km max so I didn’t worry too much about cold feet.

The air was so crisp and cool. After a while, it started to catch in my throat and chest. I started to sport a becoming wet nose as I ran up towards the top of Mayfield Valley. I had to stop and take a couple of photos of the beautiful scenery. The colours were stunning:


In sum, I ran about 7km in 45:00. I didn’t push myself at all and did have to walk around bits as they were too boggy/the trail was very indistinct and difficult to find. I felt like I was running consistently and I focused on using my glutes and hips to run, rather than my knees. Every so often I got a tweak in my knee so I slowed down and focused on my running technique again. By the end of the run, my legs were quite tired. I am pleased with my effort, and hopefully I’ll continue to improve.

Some stats:

  • Distance – 7.2km
  • Time – 45:05
  • Pace – 6:13/km
  • 2nd fastest time – 400m effort
  • 3rd fastest time – 2 mile effort
  • 3rd fastest time – 1 km effort
  • 3rd fastest time – 1/2 mile effort