Challenge November Day 21

Breakfast (08:50):

2013-11-21 08.48.04

2013-11-21 08.48.10

I’d run out of yoghurt so had bacon and eggs. The OH had also left a bread bun which ended up covered in butter to accompany my dinner. It was poor actually. Quite stale and totally didn’t add anything to party. Never mind.

I read Last Dragon Standing (GA Aiken, another potboiler – but doesn’t require any intellect whatsoever.) while eating.


Poached salmon, 3 slices of roasted butternut squash and salad with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.

I am so hungry at the moment! I keep wanting to snack and eat everything in the house. It may be because its getting colder in the house and in general. Or maybe I’m doing more stuff. I don’t know. All I know is I often have to question why I want to eat. Whether its hunger, coldness or thirst. Lunch, I did snack a bit and have a cold burger patty left over from two nights before. I also had a barleycup and some water.

I am really thirsty at the moment.

Pre-Yoga Snack (16:50)

2013-11-21 16.51.01

You’re not supposed to eat for about 3-4 hours before Ashtanga yoga. I decided that I would totally crash and burn if I didn’t eat anything. I had 4 oatcakes with butter and another barleycup. I was still really thirsty so I drank another bottle of water as well.

Dinner (22:25)

2013-11-21 22.23.26

2013-11-21 22.23.38

2013-11-21 22.23.38

All I could think about at the end of the yoga session, when in ‘corpse pose’, was what there was to eat. We had burgers and they sounded delicious. After a pitstop to Waitrose to get some buns for the OH, we rocked home and cracked open a Thornbridge Kipling beer.

The grill went on, the black pudding the frying pan and I started fishing tupperware out of the fridge. I found some left over roast parsnips and some frying steak from Monday. That needed to be eaten. After everything was cooked, we watched Rude Tube and shared our final tripel karmeliet homebrew (labelled ‘Affable Kangaroo’s Karmelike.’ Geddit?). It went down a treat.

The OH was still hungry, and I wasn’t, but still helped myself to some of the cheese that he was eating. I think it was more thirst that was driving me rather than hunger. Either way, I ate about 3 chunks of stilton and a very disappointing Montgomery’s extra mature cheddar. It was poor.