Challenge November Day 22

Breakfast (08:20)

2013-11-22 08.18.432013-11-20 08.53.38

Breakfast was the usual affair. I am still plowing my way through Last Dragon Standing (GA Aiken) and listened to Radio 4. I was going on another motorbike lesson, so I wanted to have a lot of energy – I knew it would be hard work – and cold. I had my usual breakfast, but with more rolled oats than normal. I still finished it easily!

Lunch (13:35)
2013-11-22 13.34.13

Mick and I stopped for a coffee at SMC in Sheffield about 11:00 and then drove out to Worksop and back to Kyle’s house to stop in and warm up. I was so, so cold by that point. I couldn’t really feel the clutch or anything. I had a coffee and 3/4s of a kitkat. I wasn’t that hungry and I didn’t really find a sandwich that appealing. I ate while getting as close to the heater as possible without melting my motorcycle trousers.

Pre-climbing snack (16:35):

I was very, very hungry but didn’t have anything in the house. I decided to have my breakfast but as a snack. It tasted like nectar, and really hit the spot. I ate it while listening to the radio and had about 2 bottles of water with it. I was very dehydrated and shaky after being on the bike for so long.

Dinner (21:30)
2013-11-22 21.50.56

1 pint carlsburg

1/2 pint Carlsburg

Thank you chocolate

After riding all day, climbing fairly hard and not having much to eat, I decided to treat myself to a biryani. I haven’t had one for years – and it tasted amazing. I didn’t finish it all because I filled up quite quickly, but the little bits of lamb and rice were so good. Viraaj’s curry’s are always good. I had 1 1/2 pints and a chocolate mint to finish. I was full, and happy.