Challenge November Day 24

Breakfast (10:45):

2013-11-19 09.09.52

2013-11-24 11.22.59

2013-11-24 11.11.38


I had the usual breakfast, but with some oatcakes and peanut butter. I wanted some more energy for climbing. We didn’t spend that long having breakfast and went to the Climbing Works quite soon after.

Climbing break:

1 cappuccino

Post-climbing snack (16:00):

2013-11-24 16.03.29

2013-11-24 16.41.20

I knew that we were having a large(ish) dinner with friends in the evening, so decided to have some carrots and cheese (a weird combination). I ate it watching the opening laps of the Brazilian Grand Prix. I was satiated after the carrots, and the cheese. However, when tidying up after the snack, I saw there was such a minute amount of cheese left over, that there really wasn’t any point storing it. I snarfed the lot and enjoyed it.

Dinner (20:00)

Dinner was around at a friend’s house, with people who I didn’t know, but I knew they had issues with phones/cameras at the dinner table. I decided not to whip my phone out to try to take a picture of what I was eating. The menu was as follows:


Olives and fresh french bread

1 glass of prosecco and a reisling

Main course

Large helping of roast potatoes (delicious); Shin of beef with bacon and mushrooms; greens

2 glasses of claret


2 chocolates and a slurp of home-made sloe gin

It was a really lovely meal, and cooked to perfection. I was pleasantly full after the main course, and was quite pleased there was no actual dessert. I didn’t need it and after the amount of carbs that I have eaten recently, didn’t want any more!