A Friday session at the Foundry – almost like old times

It used to be a weekly tradition to go to the Foundry on a Friday and then have curry afterwards. Now, it’s more likely that we’ll end up at the Climbing Works because its closer to the curry place, and there’s usually a bit more to do. However, because the Foundry’s bouldering wall had been completely reset, we decided to go on a Friday so that one of our friends could try some of the problems as he couldn’t make it on the Wednesday.

I was feeling a bit battered by this point on Friday. After yoga on Thursday evening, a full-day of wrestling with a 500cc, and not much sustenance, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to climb. However, after the difficult session on Wednesday, I wanted to try some of the problems. Both Karl and Diane came up to me and said that I shouldn’t use the grades at any climbing wall as a benchmark as the problems were always being reset. That made me feel a bit better – and I was in a better frame of mind anyway.

I decided to not look at the L2s at all on Friday, and try some of the L3s as they had different holds and different movements. I knew I wasn’t going to top any of them (well, it was pretty unlikely) but Karl suggested that I should try some of the harder moves, know that I was going to fall off, but get reward through linking individual moves.

I tried 3 L3s and managed to link the bottom part of one of them on the Wave. The other two were a bit too hard – I think I’ll get one of them, but the other one is very core-y. The L3 with the most potential had fairly good holds on it, and it was a case of figuring out the best foot sequence for getting the height and movement that I needed to progress. I was pretty happy that a move I couldn’t do the first time, I managed after 3 goes. The next move, which was a throw off of a very high Egyptian didn’t go.

After bouldering for about an hour or so, I decided to do some routes. Me and a friend went into the furnace and I led a couple of 6as and a 6b. I put a rope for her to try a 6b+ in the middle of the wall, which she had never linked over the lip of the roof. She managed to do the link move, but then fell off the next move.

2013-11-22 19.54.15

I looked at the 6c+ on the far right-hand side of the wall, and wanted to try it on top rope. I was very tired/pumped by this stage, but I figured if I could do it on TR without a rest that would be amazing. If I did it with one rest, but did all the moves, then I would be happy. I had one rest. By that point the OH came in and said it was curry time.
2013-11-22 19.54.27

Some stats:

  • Warmed up on L1s in the corridor and in the main room
  • Worked the moves on 3 L3s. Managed to link 3 moves in one of the problems. Linked 2 moves in the other.
  • Led 2 6as, 1 6b (to the penultimate clip and then got scared)
  • Top-roped 1 6c+ with one rest