Returning to my Canadian roots as a lumberjack

Saturday was a kind of training day. It involved lots of physical activity and I was already in a lot of pain when I woke up. I hurt so much that I couldn’t get the paracetamol out of its packet. The OH was not supportive and mainly laughed at my ineptitude. I whimpered but eventually I managed to down two pills and started to feel better 20 minutes later.

We tend to go to my FIL’s house at least twice a year to chop wood. We both have wood burning stoves and he has access to lots of trees. This time, we had help from another two friends and got through a lot of wood.

I used an axe as I hoped that it would loosen up my shoulders (it didn’t) and then turned to the electric log splitter which can be really satisfying when the log splits with a loud crack. I think we got through about a trees’ worth of wood, and the FIL managed to scrounge another flatbed’s worth of wood while we were busy chopping up the last load.

Now the wood store is pretty much full to bursting, but I’m sure we’ll be back before the end of winter to do some more.

Here’s two photos of my rather small pile of split logs and a face I saw in the wood:

My rather small pile of split logs. Photo: CanadianKate

This looks like a smiling rabbit to me. Photo: CanadianKate