Trying the Pinkles at the Climbing Works

The Climbing Works has some new holds and volumes. Yay! On Sunday, we went to try the new circuit which was set at about 5-6a. The new holds were pink and purple, and were thus called ‘Pinkles’. They had similar holds as the Wasps (yellow & black holds), but because the set was aimed at a lower grade, there were a greater mix of holds, including some really big, but finger-squishing pockets.

On the whole, I found these problems quite straightforward – once I read them and figured the sequence. There were a couple that caught me out – and all bar 2 went after a couple of goes.

The first one that really, really annoyed me was a ‘pop’ to a not great hold, off of two holds, quite widely stretched out. This annoyed me because, if vertically challenged, it was a bloody nightmare to pop as I was pretty much facewedged into the wall. I managed to touch the large hold a couple of times, but not so I could latch it. The second problem was more a case of figuring out how to hold the holds so I could stand up and catch a small crimp. The holds were similar to the ones used in the Wasp circuit, so I persevered as I always find them difficult. After quite a few goes, I latched the crimp and then topped out easily.

My friend turned up around then, so we worked the rest of the Pinkles together. Both of us topped them out and basically used the session to have a good chat and catch up. I didn’t have any aims other than getting my body to move and loosen up as it has been so battered recently. By the end of the session, I felt pleasantly tired and pleased with my achievements.

Some stats:

  • Warmed up on red/greens
  • Started the Pinkles on #7 – didn’t top as had stretchy pop move
  • Flashed many of the problems
  • Worked 6 of the Pinkles before topping
  • Completed the circuit bar #1-3 as so, so busy!
  • Had coffee