Trying the new wasp circuit at the Climbing Works

Friday came around quickly and I was starting to feel a bit better. Recently, I have felt like my body really needed a rest and so last week was not as full as the week before. I didn’t go to Yoga on Thursday and tried to have a restful day on Friday. By the time climbing came around, I was well psyched!

I knew that the Wasps would be at the top end of my grade, and was prepared for getting shut down on them, or trying a couple of moves and not linking them together. That happened quite a lot, but I was pleased with the amount that I did achieve.

I was still feeling pretty tired – my heart rate was racing after each problem – and I was feeling heavy. That said, I did manage to top 4 of the circa 10/11 that I actually tried. The first problem was difficult, and technical. I’m not a technical climber so I wasn’t surprised that I couldn’t do the rather balancy and technical crux. This required holding two crimps above my head, stepping through with my left leg to a high (but good) foot hold and then going for the top. The OH had pinged off the crimps in a spectacular fashion just before I tried, so that may have put me off!

I was very pleased that I topped problem #1 which was a scary (for me) arête top out. The starting moves were fun, and required heel hooks, slapping up an arête and using pockets. The final moves were a ‘balancy’ move up to two holds on either side of an arête. The right-hand hold was easy to get, but then I had to change a heel to a toe and drop in with my left. It’s quite committing because it feels like if I miss or drop the catch, I’d fly off and land on a wall next to me. I caught it, and did the top move.

The rest of the problems took a fair amount of work – and one which I say that I ‘topped’ was distinctly height-ist. I did all the moves, and could place two fingers on the final hold, but in trying to match it, a large volume kept getting in the way and pushing me off. I touched the top hold with both hands on the way down.

I definitely think this circuit is a worker and more of the problems will go in the next couple of sessions.

Some stats:

  • Worked about 10-12 problems
  • Topped 4