Taking over the board at the Foundry on Ladies Night

Monday nights are now the informal Ladies Night at the Foundry.  Last night, three ladies turned up and we decided to take over the board. This is usually a fairly male domain, and while I have no problem climbing with other blokes and mostly do climb with blokes, it’s also fun to climb with people of similar shape/size and level as me. Also – when they invent problems, it’s likely that I’ll actually be able to do more than individual moves which is nice for the ego. Training with other people also means that I can try problems that they devise which are more likely to work my weaknesses then the ones that I invent which usually play up to my strengths.

In the end we devised about 3 problems – 2 of which I did after a couple of goes and one which is actually quite hard (for me)! I’m not sure if it is visible in the photo (I’ve highlighted with circles), but it involves the starting with both hands on the wooden triangular hold in H-section, rolling over with the left hand to the large blue triangular hold in C-section, and then using a blue/white undercut with a right hand to roll over to a pinch before moving leftwards to get the two sides of the wooden triangle. The final move was pretty powerful, and I caught it occasionally. Right now, I’m using anything for feet, but slowly I’ll try to do it features only.
Making new problems on the board. Photo: CanadianKateAfter playing for about 1 1/2 hours, I was pretty tired and the OH was making noises about being hungry. I didn’t want to do too much because I have a habit of injuring myself when playing on the board. My core was definitely sore – suggesting that I had given it a workout, and my shoulders/fingers were starting to ache. Next session, I am going to try to develop a problem that works pinches and smaller holds. I am not very good at catching holds and keeping them held. Hopefully, working on these weaknesses on the board will improve this.

Some stats:

  • Warmed up in the main room on L1s
  • Worked 4 problems on the board
  • Topped 2 problems on the board