My training in the past week or so

Wow! I don’t know where the last couple of weeks have gone. I’ve not been updating my blog at all and I feel very guilty. I’d like to say that I’ve still been doing stuff and have plateaued somewhat, but that often happens. This post will recap the highs and lows of the last week or so of training:

Lead climbing

So, after my clip-dropping session at the Foundry, I felt like I had really improved and moved forward in my lead climbing. I had a bit of a break because I had to go down south to see the folks. The next lead session was on Monday where I wasn’t feeling as great. I think the clip-dropping did help immediately, and let me gain that confidence in my belayer and in myself to push a bit harder.

That said I mainly led in the 6bs, and certainly got a pump on when climbing (which is the aim!). During that session, I:

  • Led 2 6as
  • Led 2 6bs
  • Led 1 6b+ (Well most of it)
  • Led others, but I’ve forgotten what!

By the end of the session, I was certainly tired and felt like I had got something out of it.


Bouldering has taken a back-seat recently. I’ve not been very excited about bouldering and as a result, I don’t seem to be climbing that well. Because of our short break down south, I have only had 2 bouldering sessions in the last week and a bit. One of which was pretty poor: I was not feeling very strong and mainly pottered about. The second session was much better! I worked the boulder problems on the Climbing Works Competition Wall. They were really, really well set and I enjoyed doing the moves. I tried about 5 different problems and topped all bar 2 of them. One was because I was scared, and one was because it required a dynamic move to a pinch which I caught once in about 4-5 goes. I know that there are more problems that should go with a bit more effort and I think I’ll have another session on the Comp Wall before they’re taken down.


I’ve tried to get on top of my cardio recently. I’m feeling a bit low, and know that I get such a good feeling after running (if I don’t break myself) that I have had an urge to run. That and I’m not being as careful with what I eat (it’s Christmas after all). I ran twice last week and once this week. Strava has been crap at logging my run, so its timings and scores are off a massive amount. I reckon that I have done 19 km and my pace has ranged 7 min/km – 5 min/km. I’m hoping that Strava is going to improve soon, as it’s getting a bit irritating losing half of my run!

Some stats:

Run 1 – 5.07 km in 35:55 (7:05 min/km)

  • Pace – 7:05 min/km

Run 2 – 5.07 km in 28.42

  • Pace – 5:40 min/km
  • Best estimated time – 400m
  • 2nd fastest time 1km effort
  • 3rd fastest time 1/2 mile effort

Run 3 – 8.89km in 1:01:20

  • Pace – 6:57 min/km