Running From Redmires to High Neb

I went for a short run on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day out and I was desperate to get into the Peak District. I didn’t have quite enough time to drive farther into the Peak District, so I settled with running along the back of Stanage towards the far end. I was surprised at how easy I felt running. I used to really hate the hill going up from the back of Redmires Reservoir to the top of Stanage Pole. This time, it felt fine – not exactly wonderful – but I could actually run the whole thing at a fairly okay pace.

I did occasionally walk parts of the run. This was mainly where it got really rocky and the terrain was a bit poor. I’ve not been out in the countryside for a while so I didn’t want to trip and land flat on my face in a peat bog. Also, my left knee started to hurt. I think the pain is connected to my really sore lower back. I dialled back my pace a bit (which is really hard as I connect running fast with being fit) and focused on using my glutes and hip flexors to do the work rather than my hamstrings. This seemed to work, and I think I need to start to build up my pace rather than starting out running relatively quick.

I did about 8km and felt fine for most of it. Unfortunately Strava seems to be losing half of my data and dropping signal all the time, so according to it, I only did 4.4km and 28 minutes of running. However, I’m going to start using both mapmyrun and Strava to log my runs and that way, I hope I’ll start getting my PBs and other bits of data back.

Running up the back of Stanage. Photo: CanadianKate

Stanage Pole. Photo: CanadianKate

Some stats:

Distance – 7.49km

Time – 50 mins(ish)

Pace – 6:41 min/km