Boxing Day Run

Boxing Day was beautiful. The weather was cold, crisp and sunny. After eating my own body weight in roast goose, homemade fudge and chocolate truffles, I felt like I needed to get out and try to run some of it off. There were loads of people out in the countryside. Not so many running, but lots were taking their dogs for walks, and trying to work off Christmas Day indulgences.

I focused on running ‘light’ and floppily again. As I was full of goose, this was quite a difficult feeling to grasp. I was certainly not feeling ‘light’ on my feet at all! However, listening to music and watching the world go past helped me keep my motivation up.

In the end, I did just under 8km and explored some parts of Rivelin Valley that I hadn’t come across before. I did have to walk bits – I got another stitch, but I felt like I was working the whole time I was running.

Some stats:

  • Distance – 7.9km
  • Time – 56.20
  • Pace – 7:06 min/km
  • PR on a Strava segment