Janathon Day 10: Cross Training in Rome

According to my 10 km training programme, I was supposed to cross train on Friday. I also had to fly from Sheffield to Rome at 6:55am, so I wasn’t aiming to achieve anything once I actually got to Rome. After getting up at 4am, I expected to be totally zombie-fied by 4 pm. Clearly coffee is the drink of winners, and after consuming my first cup in Manchester airport, my second on the plane and my third at the same place as in my previous blog post, I felt pretty good.

Also, my brother and his wife were pretty wiped and happy to chill out in the apartment for the afternoon/evening. I was wiped too, but found sitting around in the apartment a bit stuffy so wanted some fresh air. My brother wanted to go for a run too, so we set out around a nearby park.

 Now, I’m not sure if it’s the buildings that have done something to the GPS signal, or the fact that it’s in a new country, or that I may have dropped it half way round (it’s had worse treatment), but the readings were pretty hay wire. According to Strava, I managed to run 6.8 km in 34:46 min of moving time. According to Garmin Connect, I ran 4.85 km in 34:17 min of moving time. According to my hand drawn map, I did 4.16 km in 34:17 min of moving time. I’m going to take an average, and say that under 5 km of running in 34:00 minutes.

I was also trying to be more mindful of my heart rate zones. I’d already amended the cycle computer to flash when I went into z3 or z1, but running with someone else meant that it was more difficult to be consistent and rigorous about maintaining a consistent z2 HR.

It was a lovely run, and I can’t wait to get out tomorrow to go for an explore while doing intervals. The looks on people’s faces when I run past in a t=shirt and shorts is priceless. Its winter in Rome, but coming from Sheffield, it’s positively spring-like!

Some stats:

  • Distance 6.8 km (Strava) 4.85 (Garmin)
  • Time – 34:17
  • Elevation Gain – 49
  • Pace – 5:08 min/km (Strava) 7:04 min/km (Garmin)


  • Distance – 33 km
  • Time – 3:42:00
  • Elevation Gain – 572 m
  • Runs – 5

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