Janathon Day 14: A rubbish training run

My training program included a rest day for Tuesday and slow run for Wednesday. Because I was busy Wednesday I flipped these around, and went for a slow run on Tuesday. I don’t know what was wrong with me! I was queasy, my heart rate was all over the place and I couldn’t go above a shuffle! I had aimed to run about 9 km in the hour, which according to Garmin, I should be able to do with an average pace of 7:58 but that aim didn’t work out. I was no where near fast enough, and I think for the purpose of my training it is better to keep within the heart rate guidelines than trying to achieve a specific distance. So, I shuffled my way along and endured.

Thinking back, I may have made some errors in my preparation for the run. The first, and quite possibly the biggest, was eating a fairly substantial ‘lunch’ before heading out for the run. I only left about 10-15 min between eating and running. This meant that I felt very heavy and full for much of it. I also wonder if this caused my heart rate to go all funny? Or am I starting to push myself too much, and I’m doing too much?

Physically, I was not feeling great. I was feeling queasy, and I felt like I was getting shin splints in my left leg. After concentrating on technique for a while, this feeling went away and my knees and feet were feeling great. Towards the end of the I started getting ‘nervy’ pain in my hands and arms like I was stabbing needles into them – again – is this a technique thing? I tried to shake them out, but that didn’t really help. I’ll see if they come back again or if it was just a fluke thing.

I also learnt something – I really, really hate running down hill in minimal trainers. I don’t know how to do it without ‘breaking’ my stride and putting a lot of impact through my knees. I’ve tried running leaning forward, and increasing my cadence, but my muscles really don’t like that and I can’t maintain a z2 heart rate. I’ve tried to go back to heal striking, but that just really hurts and jars me and I’m still effectively breaking with my knees. So, I did a bit of googling and discovered that there is no real agreement on how to run down a hill. Some people suggest leaning forward, some suggest leaning backward, some suggest just doing what feels best. I’m going to stick with the latter and just play with it.

Some stats:

  • Distance – 8.8 km
  • Time – 1:01:47
  • Elevation gain –  23 m
  • Pace – 6:59 min/km


  • Distance – 52.0 km
  • Time – 6:09:00
  • Elevation gain – 772 m
  • Runs – 8