Janathon Day 16: hitting the wall and intervals (again)

It’s day 16 of Janathon and week 2, day 7 of my 10 km training plan. I’m feeling it a bit now. I had trouble keeping my heart rate stable on Tuesday (Janathon day 14) and today I had the same thing happen. As soon as I set off, my heart rate soared to 164 and I had to slow down to a complete crawl to get it back into zone 2. I kept to the training plan, and ran intervals; however, I didn’t check what type of intervals for the training session. I thought it would be the usual 5 min at the top end of z2 followed by 5 min at the bottom end of z2. What I was actually supposed to do is 7 min at top end of z2 followed by 3 min at bottom end of z2. Oh well, considering how rubbish I was feeling, it was probably for the best that I stuck to the easier option. I did 4 reps rather than 3 though.

I also experimented with my form when running down hill. I think that I prefer and feel most comfortable sitting deeper and leaning into the hill rather than leaning forward. It seems to keep my weight over my feet a bit more, especially if I take smaller steps. Over time, I’m sure I’ll become more comfortable, but it will probably take a while. For the moment, I’ll just be slower.

I think I’m quite tired at the moment. It’s a fine balance between pushing forward and making sure that I don’t burn out. I’m getting happier with not being super fast all the time and I think I’m starting to see gains. It’ll be interesting when I take my resting heart rate in February to see if it has come down at all. As I’m writing this, I’m just looking forward to my rest day on Friday and letting my legs recover. Of course, I’ll still be going to the Climbing Works – it’s a Friday after all!

Some stats:

  • Distance – 5.9 km
  • Time – 46:44
  • Pace – 7:52 min/km
  • Elevation gain – 113 m


  • Distance – 58.8 km
  • Time – 6:56:00
  • Elevation gain – 885m
  • Runs – 9