Janathon Day 17 – Working the black circuit at the Climbing Works

Not much to say really. I was pretty tired on Friday, but after finishing some research, I set off to the Works for the usual Friday tradition. I hadn’t had an opportunity to try the new blacks as I was in Rome last weekend when they were put up so I decided to try them on the weekend.

I was pleased with my climbing. After warming up a bit, I started on some of the blacks on the slab nearest the toilets. I took a couple of minutes to work out the sequence and tried the final problem in the circuit (#39) and flashed it. It required a high step and then use of the arete to swap feet, and step up high again to reach the final hold. The next problem was not numbered and wasn’t on the circuit topo either. It took me 2 goes to top it, and that was mainly the first move and trying to move around the arete to get on the vertical face. After that move, it was pretty easy.

In general, I found most of the problems that I tried on Friday very straightforward. I felt bouncy, happy to jump and pop for holds and like my footwork was nice and tidy. I was surprised at how easy I found some of the problems – thuggy/strong but easy.

I think I did about 15 of the problems, and then started to get tired – It’d been a long week and with my running, I think I need to build up my climbing endurance as well.  I took a pretty heavy fall in the the 2nd room when my hands blew on a large sloper hold and I was heel hooking another hold as well. It jarred my neck pretty bad.

Some stats:

  • Warmed up on Reds/Greens
  • Worked the black circuit
  • Worked ~15 of the black circuit
  • Topped 11 or 12 problems