Janathon Day 18 – ‘Recovery’ Run

Saturday was meant to be a recovery run. My training plan told me to:

• Run easy, Z2, 25 minutes. • Cool down, 5-10 minutes. • Stretch. [source]

What I actually ended up doing was:

• Run not-so-easy, Z1-5 and back again, 15 minutes. Get annoyed. Take HR monitor off and readjust. Get cold. Run Z2 45 minutes, mainly up a big ass hill. Cool down, 5-10 minutes. • Stretch.

I’m not sure how much ‘recovery’ I did in my run! I really wanted to compare my current times (albeit in recovery mode) on a 5k course that I have set up on Garmin. However, because my HR monitor decided to stop working properly, I had to stop and fix it. It was very irritating because I felt really good and light on my feet. On the other hand, I have found a fantastic hill near me. It’s long, of a sufficient gradient and seems fairly quiet. It also has lovely houses to look at and decide which ones I would, or wouldn’t buy while running. Anything to keep my mind of how slow I have to run up hills in z2!

In the end, I ran a fairly hard 6.4 km in 55 minutes. I’d like to point out that 2 km of that gained about 70 m of altitude!

Some stats:

  • Distance – 6.37 km
  • Time – 56:00
  • Pace – 8:47 min/km
  • Elevation gain – 231 m