Janathon Day 19 A ‘rest’ day aka Muay Thai and Climbing at the Works

I had an early start on Sunday morning. My friends and I had a Muay Thai lesson (thai kickboxing) starting at 11am. I woke up a bit late, so only had time to grab a coffee, stuff some food into me and head to the gym. Considering the pain that I was in after my last Muay Thai class (and that wasn’t a private lesson) I was a bit nervous about how I was going to cope, especially as my ‘recovery’ run on Saturday really wasn’t a recovery.

According to Wikipedia, Muay Thai is:

‘known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fighter very efficient. Muay Thai became widespread internationally in the twentieth century, when practitioners defeated notable practitioners of other martial arts.'[Source]

We learnt the first style of kicking, which basically involves using the shin of the front leg and kicking your opponent in the thigh with the intention to give them a dead leg. After practicing kicking the air for a while, we then practiced against each other. The intention wasn’t to properly kick each other, but to get the aim right and get a feel for how to kick. Then the practice pads came out.

love kicking. I love being able to use aggression and force to kick things really hard, but with purpose. I think I did quite well – although the clear winner was my friend who used to train all the time – that and she’s a natural athlete. I found that by dipping my shoulders I could get more force in my kick and it made such a satisfying noise! We practice kicking with both legs and took turns hold the pad. By this point it was nearing the end of the lesson so to finish our instructor had us practice against bags for a 3 minute bout. I loved this part of the lesson! My shins were pretty damn sore, but I felt such satisfaction for basically kicking the shit out of an inanimate object. I can’t wait to start punching and kicking at the same time.

To finish the lesson our instructor had us do a 3 minute mini ‘circuit’ of push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps and tuck jumps. I hadn’t done something like that since I left British Military Fitness, and it brought back the pain and  fun of doing short bursts and brutal series of exercises. Our instructor was pretty impressed by the level of fitness we had. We then left, shins significantly redder than before.

I went home, had some food and then went climbing at the Works. I didn’t crush as hard as I did on Friday, but I didn’t really expect to. I managed some more of the black circuit and did a couple of new problems on the comp wall. Annoyingly – I kept tickling the top hold on one which is totally within my ability! Funnily, it was my head that was not in the right place – I didn’t want to commit to certain moves and that limited what I was willing to try, and also whether or not I topped a problem. Mainly, I was quite tired and generally just wanted to go home and read my book. 

Rather bruised shins after Muay Thai. Photo: CanadianKateHere is a photo of my shins on Sunday evening. The photo really doesn’t do justice to the size and colour of the bruises!


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