Janathon Day 22 – New problems at the Foundry!!

I love, love, love the new problems at the Foundry. They’re good fun, a good range of difficulty and did I say fun?

The Foundry had another winter bouldering league comp last Monday, and they stripped the whole bouldering wall for it. On Tuesday, they added more problems and filled in the blanks. I didn’t go to the comp (not really my thing) but was super excited to try them on Wednesday.

After warming up on some L1s and playing around for a bit, I tried some of the L2s. One of my friends said that they were much easier this set than the last but clearly I chose a problem which was still hard. It started at the bottom of the wave and included a strong move off an okay hold, using a heel hook to gain a really crappy pinch – which I could only hold by guppying it. After that, it was a case of moving my feet around to try and pop to a better, but not great hold. That was as far as I got. I kept falling off, or not getting enough height to go to the next. It’s definitely a worker and also nice to know that Diane had similar problems latching that move.

After about 4 goes on the fluoro yellow L2, tried the pink next to it. I flashed it, and it felt awesome!! I had a short rest and then tried another fluoro yellow problem on the far left-hand side of the Wave. I flashed that too!!

By this point, I was getting tired and only had enough in the tank for two more problems. I tried a fluoro yellow to the right of the Wave, in a small groove. It was technical – so I knew I was unlikely to flash it. Guess what? I didn’t flash it. I had to figure out short people’s beta and then get some bravery going. I worked out the sequence though, and I’ll definitely get it next session.

The final problem I tried was on the low roof and I didn’t get anywhere on it. I was clearly tired, the OH was poorly and I wanted food. I’ll start with that one next time!

Oh – and I have some ideas to structure my climbing sessions from now until Font – but I’ll post about that separately.

Some stats:

  • Warmed up on 6-7 L1
  • Flashed 2 L2
  • Worked 3 L2s
  • Attempted 5 L2s in total