A light session at the climbing works

Friday’s training goal was a light endurance session. Here’s what my training plan said:

Day 5 Friday: Zone 2 Recovery Circuit

Warm up: traverse no matching, L-R, R-L, cross-through where possible
Main session: Recovery circuit (Z2) (easy effort)
Warm down: easy problems missing out holds.

What I actually did was:

  • Warm up: – 1 legged climbing and ‘wrong handed’ climbing on some of the reds and greens at the Climbing Works
  • Main session: – Z2/Z3 circuit, moderate effort, but longer rests between. Dropped to reds to Z2/Z1 after 24/25 problems
  • Warm down: – Easy reds

I warmed up slowly and did a couple of easy problems. I felt pretty good, and kinda wanted to play on the new(ish) yellow circuit, but I heard that it is quite hard, and as my plan said do a circuit in Z2, I stuck to the pinkles. It is the replacement circuit for the old purple and pink spotties. They were just right. Enough to keep me thinking, and having to put some effort in, but with enough rests to bring down the effort level. I completed 24 or 25 of the problems, and only failed on 3 – mainly because the holds were in really poor condition. I started to fatigue and my friends were getting to the curry stage, so I quickly ran around 3 or 4 more reds. They were probably a bit too easy, but I was quite tired. I didn’t really warm down according to my training plan. I did run up and down some reds, but it wasn’t particularly dynamic and I was feeling more like a sack of potatoes. After doing some stretching, because I didn’t really do enough after my run and did a small amount of core work.

I’m really pleased with my effort on Friday. I stuck to my training plan and was happy to do doing my own things.  My friends joined me for bits and then went off and did other circuits or climbed with other people. I didn’t feel any pressure to perform better because I was doing an easier circuit that by rights I should flash every problem. Instead, I kept remind myself that what I was doing had purpose and focus on the aim of the session rather than the grade of the problem or circuit I was trying. Lets see what happens on Sunday!