My name is Kate Wilkinson Cross. I live in ‘God’s own country‘, one of the best places in the UK for cycling, running and climbing. I am a lecturer in law at Leicester de Montfort Law School in the UK.

Outside of work, I cycle, run, and occasionally climb. I act as a sous chef to my partner who loves to cook. We also home-brew, and I blog about that too.

This blog is a space to reflect about my research, the things that interest me, and what keeps me sane. Being an academic is no longer sitting in a room with books – and inevitably it encompasses everything. Here, I want to record what I experience as an academic and the impact that it has on my home life, and vice versa.

About me: Professional

I am a lecturer at Leicester De Montfort Law School. Recently, I completed my PhD in international environmental law and (eco)feminism at the University of Sheffield, where I completed my LLM in 2007. My research interests include (eco)feminism, feminist theory, international environmental law, gender and human/nonhuman interactions.

My publications cover climate change, sustainable development, gender, ecofeminist theory and participation.

My current research explores the perceptions of the environment (broadly defined) and how these are manifested in international environmental law.


I currently supervise a LLM student examining the intersections between the local and global in the UK’s response to biodiversity loss.

I also teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Leicester De Montfort on the following modules: Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Law, and International Environmental Law (distance learning). I am developing a new module on Gender and the Law with my colleague Dr Rajnaara Akhtar.

I am interested in hearing from potential doctoral students and would like to supervise students in the area of ecofeminism, feminist theory, and international environmental law. Please contact me directly at kate.wilkinson@dmu.ac.uk

About me: Personal

I’m mainly a cyclist and I find that training is a great time for my brain to digest and process ideas and concepts related to my research. There’s something about cycling and turning the pedals that allows my mind to ‘freewheel’ as well.

I enjoy travelling – but need a purpose to do so. Often, that purpose is to explore: via two wheels or two feet. I love France, and try to get there at least one a year. As I’m often training for a trip of some sort, I record these trips on the blog as well.

I hope that this page has shed some light about me, what I care for, what I blog about, and what I do for fun. I value dialogue, so please feel free to engage, reply, comment and rate.

The views on my blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of an employer.


Photo by Scuffins Photography


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