Janathon Day 23: Recovery run in the rain

Thursday didn’t start very well. I was wide awake at 1:30 am. After moving upstairs so the OH would still get a good night’s sleep, I gave up for a while and read my book. Everytime I tried to close my eyes and settle down, my heart would start race and a cyclical series of thoughts would race through my head. Eventually I fell asleep, although I’m not sure what time it was.

When my alarm went off at 7:30 am, I really, really didn’t want to get up. So I didn’t. I had another 30 minutes in bed and then hauled myself upright. I knew that if I didn’t go for a run before breakfast, I probably wouldn’t have time later in the day (or energy).  One issue with working from home is that it is so easy to just stay indoors like a hermit for the whole day, especially if I’ve had trouble sleeping the night before. So I pulled on my running stuff, gathered up my various bits and bobs and stumbled out the door. Straight into a horrible, howling rainy morning. Fun.

Thursday’s training session was another recovery run. It was wet, and quite cold and I wasn’t in the best frame of mind. My Garmin started to play up as well, so I warmed up slowly as I had to reset the thing a couple of times. I probably lost 1/2 km off the length of my run. Luckily, I was warm enough that it didn’t matter I was stopping and starting towards the beginning.

That said, I ran fairly steadily. I seemed to keep my heart rate in Z2, apart from 2 glitches and my legs felt pretty good. I started to get a small ache (really small – almost not even there) in my right knee, so I backed off the pace a bit and concentrated on being both ‘floppy’ and quiet on my feet. That seemed to help, but in doing so, my HR shot up above L2. It’s really hard focusing on two different things at once, when it really shouldn’t be!

I was very strict with myself, and limited the run to 30 minutes. Because I’m keen to start to train for my Font trip in March, I don’t want to burn myself out. So, limiting the amount of time that I am out running and being strict with keeping to the sessions is a good way of doing that.

A rather rainy run. Photo: CanadianKate

I took this photo over the Rivelin Valley. It definitely was wet and windy out there!

Some stats:

  • Distance – 4.1 km
  • Time – 30:48
  • Pace – 7:34 min/km
  • Elevation gain – 80 m


  • Distance – 75.2 km
  • Time  – 08:52:00
  • Elevation gain 1353 m
  • Runs – 12

A swing and a miss with the work/life balance

I keep saying this, but the last couple of weeks have been really hard. I feel knackered most of the time and have gone through the wringer. On the whole, my climbing hasn’t been affected that much. I’ve had some sessions where I’ve not done much, but still felt like I had achieved something, and I have been pretty frustrated at my limited gains during the summer. However, that’s part and parcel of being a climber.

This week has been different. I’ve been really stressed about a tight deadline for work. It got to the point where I could not switch off my mind at night and was not making sense when in work. Anxiety does strange things, it impairs my ability to form coherent words, limits my ability to think and generally makes it bloody hard to make any progress on anything! Coupled with trying to develop a very different area of my research from what I’ve been working on for the last year, it has been an extremely stressful couple of weeks.

After losing a day to a bug, I was really worried that I’d not be able to complete my work for my deadline. Come Monday night, my brain was already ticking over the different things that I needed to do, and the fundamental issue that I’d no narrative and my theoretical framework was close to non-existent on paper and in a diffuse cloud in my head. I could not fall asleep. I ended up with about 4 hours on Monday night, and 3 hours on Tuesday. This made training on Wednesday really, really hard.

I was emotionally and mentally exhausted and didn’t know what to do. In the end, I did some warm ups trying on new pairs of shoes (when stressed, try shoes). And then worked individual moves on some L2s. I didn’t even try to top anything because I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t really be able to rationalise it.

In the end, I managed to link some moves on a L2 that I’ve been trying for ages. Unfortunately, I fluffed the next move (a swing and a miss) and then couldn’t get the link again! Super frustrating, but at the same time, it was one move more than last time.

I was then very tired, so did some core work. I also think that I’ll be able to start campusing soon. My finger hasn’t twanged much at all recently!

Instead of the usual post climbing pint, I went for a celebratory meal with a friend who had just submitted their thesis. It showed me there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

Some Stats:


  • Warmed up on L1s
  • Worked moves on 3 L2s


  • 3 x A6W series

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Photo: CanadianKate

I’m up against a very tight deadline for a thesis chapter. My deadline is Monday, and the closer it comes, the more anxious and incoherent I am. I’m rewriting my theory chapter 1 1/2 years after the last draft and have had 3 weeks to remember ecofeminism and feminist security studies as well as write the thing! I’m find it very difficult to translate my thoughts on paper in any form of coherent argument. This image represents the sum of nearly 3 weeks worth of work. In reality, it needs to be deleted, restructured and rewritten.